About DSS – dss
Mission of DSS company

Сreating innovative
professions through
dissimilating an IT product.
Customers turn into
entrepreneurs in the
appropriate segment.

Gaining revenue by means
of found and/or
developed IT products.

Become a company with best conditions for
creation and development of partner structures in the world

The company also established its
own DSS lab — a hub for
innovation-seeking marketers,
developers and analysts keeping
an eye on market trends and
product prospects.
Cryptorobot is DSS’ first IT product.
Four more products are to be
released in 2019.
To date, DSS is officially introduced
to European and CIS countries.

В создании Компании DSS приняли участие топ-лидеры многоуровневой индустрии со всего мира.
The company is an official owner or co-owner of all promoted products.
More than 65% of revenue is paid to independent referrals.
DSS provides free smart marketing education.
The company entered rapidly developing world markets — India,Turkey, countries of South- East Asia
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